Various Artists - Growing Minds With Music – Traditional Lullabies

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Lull your baby to peacefull sleep with the sweet instrumental renditions of the lullabies from Africa, Germany, Whales, England, Ireland and around the world. These ageless classics will help comfort your child as the gracefully woven melodies provide a soothing positive musical experience. Perfect for playtime, dinnertime, and travel time or bedtime!

Track List

1.  Hush Little Baby
2.  All The Pretty Little Horse
3.  Sleep, Baby Sleep
4.  Golden Slumbers
5.  Rockabye Baby
6.  Lullaby
7.  All Through The Night
8.  Kum By Yah
9.  Dance To Your Daddy
10. Raisins And Almonds
11. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
12. Hush, Now My Baby
13. Mother Goose
14. Lullaby
15. Sou Gan
16. German Cradle Song
17. The Sandman Comes
18. Bye, Baby Bunting
19. Winkum, Winkum
20. Go To Sleep
21. Now The Day Is Over
22. Star Wish
23. The Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird
24. The White Hen's Cradle Song
25. Little Brother's Lullaby
26. To Babyland
27. Dance A Baby Diddy
28. Slumber Song
29. The Family
30. Baby Bye
31. Baby Sleep
32. The Clouds
33. Baloo Baleerie
34. A Basque Lullaby
35. Once Upon A Time
36. Cronan


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