Various Artists - Music For Montserrat (DVD)

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The Music For Montserrat concert was the brainchild of Sir George Martin in response to the plight of the people of Montserrat following a volcanic eruption on the island.The concert was held at the Royal Albert Hall on September 15th 1997 and Sir George Martin pulled together a stellar line up of artists including Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Elton John, Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney.The artists gave the project their wholehearted support and produced some truly magical collaborations on the night.Originally released in Dolby Digital sound only, the soundtrack has now been remastered for DTS 5.1 Surround Sound to bring the most out of this extraordinary event.The Soufrière Hills volcano on Montserrat is still in an eruption phase and many of the population have been evacuated from their homes to safer areas of the island. The fall off in tourist travel has decimated the local economy. A percentage from the sales of this DVD benefit the Montserrat Foundation.

Track List
1.     PHIL COLLINS ~ Take Me Home (with house band and Ray Cooper)    
2.     ARROW & HIS BAND ~ Hot, Hot, Hot    
3.     CARL PERKINS ~ Blue Suede Shoes (with house band)    
4.     JIMMY BUFFETT ~ Volcano (with Ralph Macdonald & Robbie Greenwich)    
5.     MARK KNOPFLER ~ Brothers In Arms (with Guy Fletcher)    
6.     MARK KNOPFLER ~ Money For Nothing (with Sting/Eric Clapton/house band/choir/ orchestra/Ray Cooper)    
7.     STING ~ Message In A Bottle (with Ray Cooper/Dave Hartley/Ian Thomas/Chris Lawrence)    
8.     STING ~ Magic (with Ray Cooper/Dave Hartley/Ian Thomas/Chris Lawrence)    
9.     ELTON JOHN ~ Your Song    
10.     ELTON JOHN ~ Live Like Horses    
11.     ELTON JOHN ~ Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me    
12.     ERIC CLAPTON ~ Broken Hearted    
13.     ERIC CLAPTON ~ Layla (with Mark Knopfler)    
14.     ERIC CLAPTON ~ Same Old Blues (with Mark Knopfler/Phil Collins/Jools Holland/ Ray Cooper)    
15.     PAUL McCARTNEY ~ Yesterday    
16.     PAUL McCARTNEY ~ Golden Slumbers (with Phil Collins/Mark Knopfler/Eric Clapton/Ray Cooper/ house band/choir/orchestra/conducted by George Martin)    
17.     PAUL McCARTNEY ~ Hey Jude (with all artists who appeared in the concert)    
18.     PAUL McCARTNEY ~ Kansas City (with all artists who appeared in the concert)

With special thanks to Sir George Martin
All photographs courtesy of Mark Allen


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